about / customer service policy

In Carbograf communication with the client is considered both important and urgent.We always speak with certainty, with the whole truth and in a timely manner.

2.7 Politica de servicio al cliente

By any means we have communication with the client, we give immediate response to he’s needs, if possible. If we can not answer immediately, we give a deadline (date or time) where we will respond, and we meet that deadline. If I am not the right person the client is looking for , I immediately transfer him with the appropiate person, and I make sure he is given adequate attention.

When we are requested information internally that in the end is for a client, we must apply the same criteria of this policy. When there are changes that affect our clients, they have to be reported immediately.

We record and disseminate communication and agreements we have with our customers in the appropriate formats, in emails and verbally, so that as a team we can provide a service that exeed what is expected.