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Carbograf began operations in 1991, marketing coal, refractory, metallic and nonmetallic minerals. Work was done in a rented property in García, N.L. A dump truck and a forklift were the equipment used for every job.

2.4 Historia

In 2003 we moved operations to our own plant in the Monterrey area.

Starting 2007 we began to experience significant growth within the organization, we also shifted focus to processing and marketing only Carbon and Graphite products. We moved operations to two leased facilities in Guadalupe and Pesquería, Nuevo León. In that year we made  strategic alliances with coal producers in the Sonora region, and we also installed our own carbon analysis laboratory.

By 2008 we started exporting synthetic graphite, later we would diversify to include different products like Anthracite, Natural and Synthetic Graphite to the North America, South America and Europe markets.

During  2009 we acquired a plant in Pesquería, Nuevo León. That same year Carbograf started manufacturing synthetic graphite lubricants, providing outsourcing of processes applied to coal and graphite, and generally adding more value to the products we offer.

In 2011 we consolidated all business operations in the Pesquería plant, where we also obtained the ISO 9001:2008 certification, outcome of a project that took a lot of dedication.

Carbograf is  currently experiencing continuous growth, always hand in hand with  the development of the company and the professional and personal development of all of us that  work here.