Anthracite it is a high-ranking charcoal that has been exposed to the highest degree of metamorphism. Its color is glossy black, it is hard, brittle, has a high percentage of fixed carbon and a low content of volatile matter.

Anthracite is a mineral that, like other derivatives of coal, it has specific characteristics, which make it a valuable element for all types of industries.

Although this mineral can be confused with bituminous coal and obsidian, it maintains very particular characteristics that make it stand out from other coal derivatives:

  • Among the types of coal, it is one of the minerals that provides most heat when ignited. 
  • This mineral maintains a free combustion and does not become coke,  expand or fuse.
  • Compared to bituminous coals, it is less prone to combustion and causes a short blue flame when burning.

Its main uses are:

  • It is burned in thermal power plants.
  • Usual in the production of gas for lighting.
  • Intended for the production of synthetic rubber and colorants.
  • Water filtration.
  • Reducer in chemical processes.
  • Recarburizer in foundries.
  • Charge coal in foundries.
  • Injection coal.
  • An indispensable element in ferrous and non-ferrous foundries.


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