The crystal structure of graphite consists of layers of hexagonal rings of 6 atoms. The slippage between these layers positions graphite as a natural lubricant that can be used in applications where high temperature lubrication is required.

Lubrigraf is a product that takes advantage of the special properties of graphite. The modification of its components is the key to obtain the required rheological and thermodynamic behavior.

Graphite-based lubricants are widely used in hot forging processes to provide the thin film thickness that provides the required fluidity between metals. The composition of the lubricant and the method of application are determined by the cooling and lubrication needs of the process.

Its function in hot forging applications is complex, considering factors such as the cooling of the part, the reduction of friction between the die and the material to be deformed, the separation of the die and the deformed material, the spread of the lubricant on the surface of materials and ease of release of the piece during ejection.


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